Heating Tips for Your Caravan/Mobile Home

Heating Tips for Your Caravan/Mobile Home

Heating Tips for Your Caravan/Mobile Home

caravanIf Brexit has left you seeking a traditional seaside holiday along the Cornish coast or perhaps down to Dorset where the children can enjoy building sandcastles on the sandy beaches, then you may also be wondering about keeping your family warm should temperatures suddenly drop.

With this in mind, our dedicated team at Electric Heating Expert have put together a few tips to help you heat your mobile home or alternatively keep your holiday letting warm for your guests when they come to stay.

Portable Electric Radiators

Caravans and even mobile homes can be very compact, so if you find yourself seeking a solution to your heating requirements, without compromising on space, then one of our electric radiators may be a great option for you.

Unlike conventional storage heaters, our electric radiators from our Vantage and Economiser range are slim-line, portable, affordable and easy to install. Moreover, they can also be put into storage should you no longer require them - helping to free up more space for when you invite those guests around for a glass of wine.
Alternatively, if you want to avoid damp then our mobile app will also enable you to control your heating remotely.

Solar Panels

Whilst the weather lately has been rather chilly, after the scorching heat that we all saw over the Easter holidays, solar panels can still be a great generator for heat. This is because they can help you to reduce your impact on the environment and save money by enabling you to build up a reserve without using up all of your gas.


This option is typically considered for heating our homes during the winter months, but insulation in our mobile home can actually keep your caravan cool as well when temperatures soar throughout the warmer months.


Depending on exactly how cold it is, a caravan awning can be a great way to enjoy sitting outside as well as providing some additional space and storage for your bikes or a table and chairs. Awnings can also offer shelter from the elements such as rain.


The great thing about sunlight, one of nature’s many gifts, is it’s free and can help to heat up your caravan by simply opening your curtains or blinds and letting that glorious sunshine pour in. Alternatively, should you find it unbearably hot then all you need to do is pull the blinds back down.

Double Glazing

Just like our regular homes, mobile homes can also benefit from double glazing for those cooler evenings and receive protection from the elements come winter time.

Cool Options

British weather can sometimes bless us with a few heat waves, so should you find yourself dreaming of cold showers, a bottle of cold beer or an ice cream, then our Economiser radiators will automatically adapt to your desired room temperature regardless of the season. Thanks to the adaptive start function, which will anticipate exactly how long it takes to heat up your caravan based on the ambient temperature, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Why is an Economiser or Vantage radiator the perfect heating solution for me?

• Prices start from just £395.00 for an Economiser or £260.10 for a Vantage radiator.
• Adaptive start, open window sensor and energy monitor features.
• Easy installation within minutes.
• 10 or 30-year warranty is automatically included.
• Simply add a smart hub with the Vantage range for complete control via our mobile app.
• Low height option of our Vantage design makes it ideal for your mobile home.

Discover more about heating your mobile home on 01252 560770.

Happy Caravanning!

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