How much would you pay for a German electric radiator?

How much would you pay for a German electric radiator?

How much would you pay for a German electric radiator?

The answer to this question is one that some heating companies will go out of their way to find...

Counseling Session or Salesman
If you do allow a salesman to visit, be sure to ask for a price list first, or risk a shocking quote.

Some electric heating suppliers choose not to advertise their prices. They won't even let you see a price list. They do this because if no pricing has been disclosed to you, and you have given them permission to visit your home, they can see how much you may be able, or willing to pay, and then charge you accordingly. As we have heard from many of our customers, this practice is most common in some heating companies that sell German-built electric radiators.

Most people find that when a home-survey is insisted upon, the price of a single German electric radiator ranges from £700 to £1,500. Worse still,  where one person might end up with a bill for £2,000 for a couple of over-priced radiators, another may pay over twice as much for the same thing, from the same company. We’ve seen this many times over the years. The evidence is on the quotations that our customers have shared with us.

If you suspect a rogue company could be trying to over-charge you, we suggest that you insist that they provide a price list prior to their visit. Whether they tell you that their radiators are bespoke, or that there are too many sizes to list, there must still be a price list. If no list is made available to you, it’s probably best to leave it right there.

Is a home survey really necessary?

Home surveyWhat is creatively termed as a “home survey” or “engineer’s visit” may well come completely free of charge and without obligation, but it serves only as a sales tool. The engineer who arrives at your property will be better equipped with pressure selling techniques, than heating expertise. His primary concern will be to achieve the highest possible price.

Some people worry that their heating system may be inefficient, or that the radiators could be incorrectly-sized unless a professional comes to take a look. This just isn’t the case with electric heating. With no boiler, gas connection, pipework or flue, all that a visiting representative can do is measure your rooms and then turn on the charm.

You may hear that a home survey is vital. You might be told that an incorrectly-sized radiator will somehow use more power. This assertion is simply untrue. It defies some basic laws of physics. All that can be affected is the heat-up time. Where a radiator with insufficient wattage is installed, you may struggle to raise the room temperature. We specify radiator sizes with a good margin, to ensure that this never happens. A radiator can never be "too powerful". It will draw only as much power as is required for your room.

So, back to the original question: How much would you pay for an electric radiator?

Take a look at our radiator prices, and make the choice for yourself. If you need three or more radiators, we will provide you with a package discount of up to 10%.

If you would like a quotation for a sensibly-priced electric heating system - without any pressurizing salesmen, all that you need is a tape measure. Measure the areas of your property that require heating, and let us know the sizes. You can do this either by clicking on “Get a fast quote” and entering your details, or by giving us a call. If you prefer, you can even order online.

We’ll be pleased to help you choose the best system for your requirements, offer advice on the best energy tariffs, and give you our very best price – first time.  What’s more, we guarantee that the electric radiators that we specify will be suitable for your rooms.

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