Modus Electric Heated Tower Rail Features

IR Remote

Included with the Modus Electric Heated Towel Rail is a handy IR remote programmer. The separate programmer provides access to a host of functionality that otherwise could not be included at the base of the rail.

Full 24/7 programing is available to suit your time and temperature preferences, there’s also a Boost Function, Anti-Frost mode, Eco Mode, and even an Open Window Sensor. Everything that you’d expect to see on a fully fledged modern electric radiator is present and easily accessible via this wall-mountable remote.

Open Window

Heating when a window is open is expensive and ineffective. To prevent this waste, the in-built Open Window Sensor monitors the room temperature and pauses heat output in the event of a rapid drop in room temperature. Once the room temperature stabilises and then increases, heating will resume.



Perfect for those times when you need to warm-up in a hurry. The boost function applies a temporary maximum set point that will override any current program. Towels are warmed in minutes and the chilly bathroom is comfortable in no time.

Quality Chromed Steel

The high-grade steel is chromed to a stylish and durable mirror finish that looks great in any bathroom. Each rung of the ladder rail is laser-welded to give an extremely high-quality look and feel.

Inside is a thermal fluid that retains the heat energy for extended periods, minimising energy usage and maximising comfort. This rail can be used year-round as a permanent bathroom heating solution that’s both effective, and economical.

Key Lock

For when you need to be sure that the heating is not adjusted or tampered with. Simply set the Key Lock to prevent any unwanted interference. Ideal for shared bathrooms, this function not only ensures that your bathroom is comfortable when in use, but also prevents the waste of energy.

24/7 Programing

A feature rarely seen in towel rails that we think is essential. Just like every other room in your home, the bathroom should be comfortable and heated efficiently. Using the IR remote programmer, a heating schedule can be set to perfectly suit your lifestyle. An hour of heat in the morning, an hour in the evening – no problem. A later start time on Sundays? Just set it and forget it.

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