Five Reasons to Buy the Vantage Radiator

Five Reasons to Buy the Vantage Radiator

Five Reasons to Buy the Vantage Radiator


german electric vantage radiatorDo you want to take advantage of our electric aluminium radiators from our Vantage collection? Unlike the standard white plastic panels that currently occupy the marketplace, our Vantage radiators offer high-quality thermodynamic designs helping to minimise discolouration, prices start from as little as £252.00 and you will also benefit from the following:

1. Adapts to Your Environment

Aluminium is renowned for being an excellent conductor of heat, which is vital for ensuring that your conservatory or living room achieves the desired temperature quickly. Coupled with built-in sensors, the Vantage radiator automatically detects when a window or door has been left open, resulting in an automatic response that shuts down the heating, helping you to reduce your household energy consumption and dramatically reduce your heating costs considerably.

2. Fully Functional

The superior Italian design provides interchangeable electronics without the need for any tools and offers ease of access thanks to controls mounted on the top, which makes them easily accessible.

3. Peace of Mind

All of our Vantage radiators, heating elements, fluid core and the radiator body are covered by a 10-year warranty for full peace of mind.

4. Eco-Friendly

The Vantage radiators are all fully compliant with Lot 20 – EU legislation (2018) which has stripped the electric heating industry of inefficient technologies to help reduce the consumption of energy on an international scale and encourage the UK to reduce their overall carbon footprint by meeting targets. What does this mean for you as a consumer? It means that we at Electric Heating Expert will personally ensure that our range of radiators includes information as outlined in Lot 20 for space heaters or portable heaters. Moreover, reduced consumption will automatically see a dramatic decline in your heating bills.

5. Seen but Not Heard

The silent operation of the Vantage radiator means you can doze off in your armchair on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV without being disturbed by noisy conventional heaters. This is particularly great when you may wish to have your electric radiator on for longer periods, such as in the winter months when temperatures may plummet significantly.

Happy to Help

If you are currently searching for the best electric radiator on the market, then Electric Heating Expert can offer you a product that will meet your specific requirements, feature a 10-year warranty as standard, comply with EU legislation, reduce your heating bills and keep you toasty warm should you need it.


We understand you may still be unsure about what range to go with, or perhaps you still feel uneasy about investing in an electric heater if you have previously had gas central heating. We are happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have surrounding electric radiators, our range and the installation process. Alternatively, our previous post on Electric vs. Gas radiators may answer many of the questions that you have on potentially transferring across from one heating method to another.


As a general rule, you can never have “too much” wattage as the Vantage range have proportional thermostats ensuring that your radiator only generates the required power to heat your room, meaning it’s safer for you to opt for a larger radiator if in doubt.

Still Not Convinced?

Here are some additional reasons as to why you should purchase from us at Electric Heating Expert.

  • Fixtures, fittings and a guide are provided to enable you to install the radiator quickly by yourself.
  • Different heights are available which make them perfect for smaller confined spaces such as conservatories.
  • Free, friendly and impartial advice available either online or over the telephone on 01252 560770.

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