Quarantine Bathroom Makeover: Why You Should Choose an Electric Towel Rail

Quarantine Bathroom Makeover: Why You Should Choose an Electric Towel Rail

Quarantine Bathroom Makeover: Why You Should Choose an Electric Towel Rail

With so many of us spending so much quarantine time at home, DIY enthusiasts throughout the country are using the time to tackle repairs and revamp their homes and gardens. Many are attempting bathroom makeovers – after all, you may not be able to get a plumber in to change that bathroom suite, but you can easily tile, paint and carry out small improvements that can have a major impact. One of these is replacing or installing a new electric heated towel rail. A simple change like this can have a dramatic impact on a small space, lending not only an air of luxury but also improving practicality and – perhaps most importantly – reducing those energy bills. This last point might not be the driving factor in your home renovation project but with so much uncertainty in the air, if you can become more energy efficient and ultimately save money, then now’s definitely the time to do it.

1. Space saving

Let’s face it, not many of us will have a celebrity-sized bathrooms, so one of the major constraints on bathroom design is the size of the bathroom. Coupled with awkward layouts and the location of windows, this can make it tricky fitting in a separate towel rail and radiator. So what better way to take care of this, than by saving space by combining them in one? Electric towel rails tend to be ladder style, and come in a range of sizes and wattages, so can be fitted in just about any size or space layout. An electric towel rail is an easy way to add a few precious inches to your floor space, and what’s more, they look fabulous.

2. Energy saving

There are several ways that you can easily look to make savings on your energy bills – these include simple measures such as installing a smart meter or switching suppliers, as well as larger projects such as replacing your boiler for a newer, more energy efficient model. If you’re looking to trim your monthly outgoings – and right now, who isn’t – then as part of your bathroom makeover, installing an electric towel rail will help you do just that. Electric towel rails and electric radiators all run independently from each other, meaning you can decide where and when you want to heat individual rooms. Electric heat is also just about 100% efficient, meaning that all the energy is converted into heat. Individual elements will also heat up incredibly quickly, so no more waiting for a gas boiler to kick in and heat a whole house, in order to warm up that tiny cold bathroom. Also, in the summer months this means that you can still dry and warm your towels, as the towel rail runs independently from the central heating system.

Another important issue here is that the world is changing. We’re now far more aware of the impact fossil fuels are having on our environment. This can be seen in chilling detail right now. As industry comes to an almost complete stop, the planet is healing itself. This will inevitably only accelerate people moving away from fossil fuels and moving toward greener, cleaner energy. By going electric you’ll be feeding into the move to one of the key sources of energy – renewable energy – future proofing the heating choices within your home.

3. Lush styling

Electric heated towel rails not only come in many shapes and sizes, but they’re also available in a variety of designs. The most popular is the ladder style. The surface area of this style will not only provide excellent heat, but it also allows you to store multiple towels, which is great for families. Ladder designs can be curved or flat, depending on the aesthetic you prefer, and the majority come in brushed steel or a mineral white, to match the faucets and overall design of your bathroom. We think you’ll agree, this contemporary styling suits just about any bathroom, whether you’re going for ultra-modern or to combine a more traditional look with a chic, urban feel. One final note that may not be about styling, but it’s an important consideration when choosing your towel rail, is to check the BTU for the unit. This will give you an idea of the heat output, and help you choose the right one – be that for a small cloakroom or a larger main bathroom.

4. Superior control

Traditional bathroom wall heaters are either on or off, with many only offering the most rudimentary of heat controls. However, electric heated towel rails come with a variety of extras that offer amazing flexibility and control, ensuring you have the heat exactly where and when you want it, even if you’re not yet home! These include:

• 24/7 programming – Whether you’re a night owl or a lark, working shifts or usually on the 9-5, good electric towel rails will come with 24/7 programming, meaning you can select exactly when you need the heat to come on, every single day of the week. Not only will this save money on your energy bills, but it’s also all about comfort. There’s nothing nicer than walking into a lovely warm bathroom, it really is the ultimate little luxury to lift your spirits on a cold, damp day. While this may not be upmost in your mind as we experience this early summer, it’s also important for drying your towels. You can set the heat to come on for an hour or so every day, so you can lovely warm towels on demand.

• Remote control – Be that a remote control console or WiFi connectivity, it’s great to be able to change your settings at the flick of a switch or the press of a key.

• Anti-frost mode – this is a neat sensor that automatically switches the towel rail on and keeps it ticking over when external temperatures fall below freezing.

• Open window sensor – heating a room with an open window is a really inefficient use of energy. A towel rail with an ‘open window sensor’ pauses heating if there’s a sudden rapid drop in room temperature, and resumes heating once the temperature stabilizes.

• Boost function – if you’re out of routine, and need those towels warmed or just a quick boost of heat, then this function is really useful.

5. Easy installation

Unlike traditional radiators and towel rails that are connected to a gas central heating system, electric towel rails are simple to install and can be installed by DIY enthusiasts. If you’re unsure about the electrical circuitry, then we recommend you contact an NICEIC registered electrician to help you safely install the unit.

If you’re looking to install an electric bathroom heater, then get in touch with us today. We recommend the Modus electric heated towel rail. With its sleek chrome styling, the Modus fulfils all the functionality criteria indicated in point 3 and more, including compliance with EcoDesign Lot 20 regulations, so you know you’re buying something that meets excellent safety standards. If you’re interested in purchasing an electric heated towel rail, then get in touch with us on 01252 560770 or email us on enquiries@electricheatingexpert.co.uk. Our electric radiators and towel rails are all delivered via a specialist logistics partner and carefully packaged to ensure no damage in transit. What’s more, we have some great offers on right now, so get in touch today!

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